Episode 26 // Financially Fierce Founder: Kendal Netmaker

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#FinanciallyFierceFounder, Kendal Netmaker, is one of our country's leading entrepreneurs from Sweetgrass First Nation. Founder of Neechie Gear and author of Driven to Succeed, Kendal's been named one of Canada's future business leaders by Canadian Business and Future 40 by CBC Saskatchewan, among others.

Despite numerous accolades, Kendal's success wasn't handed to him—he had to fight for it. Growing up on the reserve, surrounded by poverty, his childhood wasn't an easy one. Raised by a fierce, hard-working, single mother Kendal learned to make every penny count. However, reverberating throughout his home and community was the message, "life is difficult for people like us—we'll be struggling for a lifetime". This was the belief he grew up with until one exacting moment. changed his life forever.

Kendal's genius is his ability to change the narrative and transform his trajectory. If you're plagued by a story or a belief that's sabotaging your success, this is one story you'll want to listen to and learn from.

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Episode Timeline //

[00:00] Introduction of the episode

[01:40] Introduction of #FinanciallyFierceFounder, Kendal Netmaker

[05:37] Kendal’s early life and influence on his financials

[08:55] Mindset challenges and conditioning

[14:59] Learning about money management

[16:48] How Kendal changed his mindset

[20:45] Impact of Covid on Kendal’s business

[22:11] Importance of investing in education and how to choose where to invest

[26:15] Kendal’s retail business and launching his speaking career

[26:58] Kendal's rationale for choosing 'speaking' as a vocation

[28:43] Kendal’s monthly finances

[29:42] Retaining clients versus looking for new ones

[31:57] Automating and systemizing business processes

[33:03] Contact details

[33:43] What #FinanciallyFierce means to Kendal?

Founder’s Take //

Mindset Challenges + Conditioning

What’s brilliant about Kendal is his ability to “see” the pattern. The pattern that sabotaged his success and stunted his financial growth. Behind this pattern was a destructive mindset of struggle and scarcity, unintentionally bequeathed by his loving and self-sacrificing mother. Kendal chose to break free, and launch a new trajectory, not just for himself but for his people.

He shares an important message with us today which is this—regardless of where you come from and whatever challenges you face, you have the power to enact change.

Learning How to Manage Money

Kendal’s upbringing, though challenging, proved a huge advantage for him in terms of learning strong money management skills. While growing up, he observed his mother budgeting a welfare check with pen and paper; a fierce financial habit that taught Kendal the meaning of fiscal stewardship and responsibility. He became a master of leveraging available resources, budgeting, and utilizing money intelligently.

Kendal, who now coaches others, shares with us the approach he takes with his clients: "Before you spend or run to the bank for a loan, first think of what resources you have, use them to their full potential, and then use a cash injection."

Investing in Your Education

Making an investment in education requires you to first identify what the goal is. Once you've decided the purpose, then comes the question, from where (or whom) should I learn?'

Kendal elaborates on his strategy in this episode, but at the heart of it are these words of wisdom:

“Learn from someone who is an expert in their field; someone who has built their own business success and has helped others along the way.”