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Episode 24 // Financially Fierce Founder: Brady Johnson

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Sunrise

“Don’t face your fear and walk into it. Face the fear and take a step back.” Brady Johnson

Boom! Brilliant, bold, and beautiful, just like our Financially Fierce Founder, Brady Johnson.

Ditch the clichés. Tune in to learn how stepping back from financial fear catapulted Brady and her business, Encompass Fitness Studio, to new heights.

Fear holds so many of us back; professionally, physically, and financially. Knowing the impact of our early environment on our relationship with money, Brady boldly shares with us the origins of many of her fears. And then, get ready for it... how becoming aware of, and making friends with, her financial insecurity was a complete game-changer for her and the business.

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Founder’s Take //

Brady’s a remarkable woman, whose sheer grit and determination match that of an Olympian. If you’re looking to find your financial footing or face down a fear that’s been holding you and your business back this is the episode for you. Today, in #TheGabLab, Brady offers up her insights on:

  • Transcending fear and limiting beliefs

  • Choosing to see Covid as a catalyst, not a crutch

  • The gift of owning your value and getting paid

  • Why she chose to build a business without taking on debt

  • The correlation between fitness and finances

  • How giving back bolstered her bottom line

The Bottom Line //

Listen, was Brady a fan of numbers? No, she says it herself. But what makes Brady truly fierce, and what we can look to emulate is:

  • The self-awareness needed to see past the excuses and to recognize the fear holding you back.

  • The discipline to first step back, instead of rushing in, to observe, feel, and understand it.

  • The foresight to surround yourself with people and resources to help you walk through the fear and take ownership of the numbers; top line, bottom line, and everything in between.

Mic Drop Moments //

BOOM! There it is! We promised you intel to blow your mind and build your bottom line. Here’s our top three favourite mic-drop moments, offered up by #FinanicallyFierceFounder, Brady Johnson:

  1. Make Friends with your fear.

  2. You can’t be a charity case if you’re looking to be charitable!

  3. Know your worth. Own your value.

Drop us a comment below and let us know what landed with you!

About the Founder // Brady Johnson

After not fitting in as a child, Brady turned to fitness as a coping mechanism. Realizing just how Intimidating most gyms were, she vowed to one day to change that. She dreamed of creating an environment that was inclusive, supportive, and welcoming; a place where everyone could achieve their personal fitness dreams, whether it was weight loss or completing a Spartan race.

With discipline and determination, Brady went to work to make her dream a reality. In 2014 her dream became reality with the opening of Encompass Fitness Studio, helping over 400 people lose over 2000 pounds, and forever changing their lives for the better.

About the Champ // Community Futures Sunrise

Community Futures (CF) Sunrise provides loans, advice, and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in southeast Saskatchewan. With a mission to support the development of business in the region, CF Sunrise strives to offer innovative and customized financing and training options that encourage business growth.

The board and staff are committed to helping entrepreneurs access the capital and training needed to create and grow successful businesses. Get in touch with CF Sunrise today. They’re here to help!

CF Sunrise is part of a network of 267 Community Futures offices across Canada. They have a rich history of helping businesses succeed. Community Futures - a Canadian Success Story

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