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Prepare to put aside everything you "think" you know about money and embark on an extraordinary journey into the mechanics, science, and biology of mastering the art of wealth.

In this mind-bending adventure, you'll harness the power of cutting-edge sciences such as epigenetics, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics to unravel the mysteries of your limiting beliefs and behaviours, and uncover the roots that hold you back from financial abundance, in life and business. 

Shift gears and power up.​​






Constant Money Stress: Do you frequently experience high levels of stress and anxiety when it comes to money matters?


Overspending or Impulsive Buying: Do you have difficulty controlling your spending habits or making impulsive purchases without considering the consequences?

Denial or Ignorance: Do you avoid or ignore financial responsibilities, such as not opening bills, ignoring debt, or failing to track expenses?

Financial Dependence: Do you rely solely on others for financial support without making efforts to become financially independent?

Comparison and Envy: Do you constantly compare your financial situation to others and feel envious or resentful?

Neglecting Long-Term Financial Goals: Do you prioritize short-term gratification over long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement or maximizing the selling value of your business? 

Guilt and Shame: Do you feel guilty or ashamed about your financial situation or past money-related choices? 

Living Beyond Means: Do you regularly spend more than you earn, rely on credit cards or loans to sustain a lifestyle you can't afford, and accumulate debt?

Fear of Financial Planning: Do you avoid financial planning, budgeting, or seeking professional advice due to fear or lack of interest?

Lack of Financial Goals or Direction: Do you lack clear financial goals or a sense of direction, and simply drift through financial matters without purpose or intention?  

If you recognize any of these signs in your own relationship with money, it may be an opportunity to reassess and make positive changes. 


Are you ready to experience four powerful shifts that will redefine your finanical future?


Here's what awaits you:


The Money Memoire


Delve into the developmental programming that shapes your money choices. Discover how your past experiences have influenced your present finances and gain the tools to rewrite your money story.


The Money Tree


Unearth the roots of your inherited programmig and uncover any generational trauma residue that may be holding you hostage.  Learn how to create a leave a new legacy of financial health and well-being for your family.


The Money Mirror


Reflect upon your self-actualized beliefs and behaviors. Whether conscious or subconsious, it was your perception of the events in your life that gave them their meaning. Choose a different and live a different reality.


Money Motivation


Unleash the power of neuroplasticity and understand why trying to fix your money problems has kept you stuck.  Rewire your neural pathways and kick-start the energy that propels you towards lasting financial success.

Get ready to have your mind blown, your eyes opened, and your mindset shifted. This immersive challenge will provide you with the tools and insights to take control of your financial destiny and turn your dreams into reality.

Join us for The Money MindShift Method: 4 Shift Challenge and unlock the full potential of your financial journey. It's time to rewrite your money story and create a future filled with abundance and prosperity. Don't miss out on this life-changing experience!


Taunya 2016_edited_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Taunya.  Truth be told...

I’m not your typical finance "personality". I didn’t get to where I am by vetting startups on national television, I didn’t create a pop-culture money-management app, and I’ve never written a best-selling book (but perhaps I should). But what I do have in common with many of the money gurus of the world is knowledge – the kind that comes with 30 years of training, coaching, and mentoring entrepreneurs to build better, bolder, stronger companies. I know what it takes to turn a profit and how to build the inner strength and confidence needed to see you through any situation a business throws at you.


Of course, some lessons are learned the hard way. For me, learning how to have a healthy relationship with money didn't come easily. I struggled, for years, with constant fear and anxiety. I was habitually worried I wouldn’t have enough, or I'd make bad decisions when it came to spending or investing my money. I lived a life sull of stress, silence, and yup, some shame. 

And so, I made it my mission to heal my relationship with money. For years, I invested heavily in learning, understanding, and applying the concepts of behavioural finance and neuroeconomics to my life. I yearned to understand how my brain was hardwired and where my programming came from. 

With the incredible teachings of leading experts and scientists and the patient support of my coaches, mentors, and therapists, I came to better understand and reframe my relationship with money.

​It was a profound experience, one that quite literally changed my life. Best of all, it continues to be a journey where I embrace the opportunity to learn and grow with every passing day.

Everyone’s motivation to embark upon a profound mind shift is different.  Mine came in the form of my six-year-old daughter, Sophie, when I realized I was passing down my destructive habits to her. 

What's your motivation? When you find it and you're ready for a powerful transformation, it would be my honour to guide you through the Money MindShift Method. 

With fierce admiration + respect.


Taunya Woods Richardson

Founder + CEO, Nail The Numbers, Inc.






  • 4+ hours of live and interactive coaching 

  • 10 on-demand drills [lifetime access!]

  • 1 Money MindShift Sketchbook

  • 1 Money Tye Quiz 

  • On-demand access to support Q+A





  • 8 Bonus Rounds 

  • 1 Stronghold Budget Blueprint 

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