Our Bootcamps are the perfect way to get a grasp on the fundamentals of Founder finance. 

From start-up costs to exit strategies, our online or in-person Bootcamps will give you a grip on the numbers and help you hammer out your plan. 


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Every Bootcamp Includes...
NTN Pro Confirmed

What problem are you looking to solve? Choose your niche, and we’ll select the best Pro for the job.

Powerful Presentation Deck

NTN Bootcamp material is carefully curated to be compelling, intuitive, fun and most importantly, engaging. 

Playbooks and Worksheets

We’ll bring the know-how and provide your Founders with tools and templates to help them power through.

Promotional Support

Let us help you get the phone ringing, the door swinging, and the RSVP links clicking.

Follow Up Evaluations

We want to know what intel landed and the impact it made to the Founder's bottom line. We keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

The Full Roster // 

Startup Stage

  • The Fundamentals of Personal Finance 

  • The Fundamentals of Founder Finance

  • Nailing Startup Costs

  • Accessing Startup Capital 

  • Keeping Score with Your Credit 

  • Creating a Cashflow Canvas 

  • Prefecting the Pitch 

In-It Stage

  • Interpreting Finanical Statements 

  • Leveraging the Upside of a Downturn

  • Pivoting for Profit 

  • Weathering the Storm

  • Calculating Key Ratios 

  • Collecting Overdue Cashflow

  • Making Time for Taxes 

  • Taking SR+ED to the Bank 

  • Mapping a Measurable Marketing Strategy 

  • Marketing Math

  • Setting up Performance-based Salaries, Pensions Plans and Benefits 

Exit Stage

  • Preparing Your Business for Sale

  • Calcualting the Value of Your Business

  • Understanding Trusts and Tax Implications

  • Building a Successful Succession Strategy

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IPBC National Education Coordinator

Ignite Conference 2018​ and 2020

Taunya [Woods Richardson] was one of the highest rated

speakers of the year.

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Bootcamp Participant

Loved this Bootcamp! It was so informative. Better yet, Ron [Robichaud's] process was simple to apply. For the first time, I feel in control of my numbers. 

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Creator, WEcon 2019

Taunya [Woods Richardson] is the master of creating financial calm out of chaos, and clarity out of confusion.

The Pros

We've curated the most compelling, knowledgeable, and kick-butt group of subject-matter experts around.  

Bold and badass, our Pros have been where your Founders are; struggling with product, packaging, prices, payroll and paying themselves, let alone generating a profit. They've been there and are excited to share their lessons and learnings in a way that lands, lasts and impacts your Founders, long-term!


No accounting speak, no financial jargon, Pros keep their message clear, concise, and concrete. They nail the delivery, so your Founders can nail their numbers! 



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