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We forge Financially Fierce Founders. 

We’re on a mission to uplevel global economies by strengthening the minds and bottom lines of entrepreneurs.  


82% of business owners go bust because they don't understand their numbers. 

Our society paints profit as opportunistic;  when in fact net profit is what funds our security, our scalability, and our social impact.

We're labeled as small and sadly, many of us choose to believe it.

We charge a small price, pay ourselves a small wage,

and generate a small bottom line.



We firmly believe that Financially Fierce Founders are the builders of the new E-conomy: driving a robust economic ecosystem cultivated by purpose-driven profitability.



We are Financially Fierce Founders.

We kick the crutches that hold us back and choose to See, Know, and Do differently.

We harness the courage to confront our numbers—to get clear on what needs to be built.

We cultivate confidence in knowing our plan—the path forward. 

Thru sheer grit and determination we master our conviction to dig in, do the uncomfortable work, and go the distance.


Courage, confidence, and conviction are in our blood.

We are Financially Fierce Founders.

We find #StrengthInNumbers

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