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Episode 19 // Four Cues to Creating a Meaningful and Measurable Marketing Campaign

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Sunrise

Marketing is often the most exciting part of running a business. It’s fun, fluid and brings our story to the world. But does the world really want to hear it? Many times, because of the way we’re telling the story, the answer is (a painful) "No!"—ask any sales rep to attest.

But marketing, when done right, is an extremely powerful tool that communicates our message in a meaningful way, building our brand and our business.

We recognize the challenges Founders face when creating a marketing campaign that counts. We’ve been there ourselves. So today, we're bringing in NTN Pro, Jill Sauter, Principal of Jill Sauter Marketing and Communications, to help us craft a measurable marketing plan—one that delivers a solid return on our investment of time and money.

And hey, she also shares a number of brilliant worksheets to guide us along the way.

Part 1 // The Features and Benefits of a Solid Start

You may be sitting with a blank page open, ready to unleash your marketing prowess. You type in the headline… but then there’s an abrupt pause.

Where do you start? You’re riddled with a tsunami of questions. Should you market your business as a whole, or each product separately? Who are you marketing to? What do you need to tell them?

Fortunately, we have Jill with us to help put pen to paper and kickstart our efforts in a purposeful way.

In addition to locking in our starting point, Jill reminds us to focus on the solution! Knowing what problem we solve will always steer our efforts in the right direction. Rather than spouting features, focus on the benefits. This is what catches and holds the attention of your audience, explains Jill.

Knowing what problem we solve will always steer our efforts in the right direction

Curious? Join us for Part 1 as Jill gets us off to a solid start.

Part 2 // The Marketing Message, Medium and Method

So, now what? Now that you've got the foundation in place, what comes next?

Are you thinking it’s time to get the word out? That’s exactly where we’re going in Part 2.

But wait up! Instead of putting it all out there and focusing too much on click-throughs and open rates—which are helpful tools—Jill proposes a coordinated approach, here in Part 2.

When you put on a marketer’s hat, you need to guide the customer from “Do I know you?” to “Here’s my money.”

There are four stages of engagement that take your audience from being a prospect to becoming a paid and retained client. Each stage requires a different message, using a different medium, and will follow a strategic method.

Jill nails the three key questions, that when asked and answered, abolishes guesswork and puts you on a path to preparing a powerful marketing mix.

Part 3 // Measure and Modify Your Marketing

An untethered marketing budget is a problem. To rope in your spending and maximize your ROI, you need to monitor your campaign’s performance, and modify when necessary.

Staying on top of the key-performance-indicators (KPIs) will help you identify where to focus your efforts and justify the cost.

How do you do it? Founders like to jump to top line results to gauge success. But is this the correct way to measure your campaign’s performance?

Founders have a wide array of marketing tools at their disposal but lack an effective method for predicting their success.

Not quite! Top line results are just part of the equation. So how do you know if your marketing efforts are worth it? Monitoring and measuring every step of your approach is key to a successful campaign—what gets measured, gets managed. Furthermore, the findings are what keep you informed and alert you to when modifications are warranted.

Tune in to Part 3 and get actionable tips from our Pro, Jill Sauter, on how to measure the ROI on your marketing efforts.

// Top Tips [We promised four, but delivered seven!]

  1. Understand who your best customers are and get to know them—really know them.

  2. When trying to understand what problem your product or service solves, look at the situation or circumstances of your customer, both before and after using your product. The difference is the problem your product or service solves.

  3. Your message should meet your customers where they're at—financially, mentally, physically, emotionally!

  4. You don't ask people to marry you on the first date; so don't ask for the sale on your first call to action.

  5. You're not selling a product; you're offering a solution!

  6. There’s a process, a path, and a pipeline behind every successful marketing campaign.

  7. Many Founders simply measure sales as their only criterion for success. Don’t forget to factor in conversion rates at each point of your process, and, of course, profitability!

  8. As a Founder, understanding when and how your [marketing] investment is going to pay off is... HUGE!

// Download the free tools and templates—compliments of our Champ!

About the Pro // Jill Sauter

Principal, Jill Sauter Marketing and Communications

Jill helps companies increase their sales, meet targets and build sustainable growth by integrating practical, effective marketing strategies into their business operations.

Jill’s unique combination of experience and knowledge in sales, marketing and business development gives her a different perspective on generating business growth. Jill has in-depth experience in marketing – from teaching to consulting, from planning to execution. With training and experience in sales, Jill understands how sales and marketing can work together to help a business grow. Jill also knows how marketing fits into the overall operation of a business to ensure growth is sustainable and strategic.

Extensive Experience in Marketing, Communications and Sales

A career in sales, marketing and communications has provided Jill with in-depth understanding of the marketing challenges of multinational companies, small businesses and public institutions, alike. She has worked in commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Jill has experience in all aspects of strategic marketing from research & forecasting to planning & execution.

About the Champ // Community Futures Sunrise

Community Futures (CF) Sunrise provides loans, advice and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in southeast Saskatchewan. With a mission to support the development of business in the region, CF Sunrise strives to offer innovative and customized financing and training options that

encourage business growth.

The board and staff are committed to helping entrepreneurs access the capital and training needed to create and grow successful businesses. Get in touch with CF Sunrise today. They’re here to help!

CF Sunrise is part of a network of 267 Community Futures offices across Canada. They have a rich history of helping businesses succeed. Community Futures - a Canadian Success Story

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