Episode 1 // Rural Resilience for Restauranteurs

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Sunrise

How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant biz? Start with a large one!

It's a running joke (albeit a bad one) in the food industry and one both NTN Pro, Ron Robichaud, and #GabLab Host, Taunya Woods Richardson, have experienced first-hand. Joking aside, the restaurant biz is known as a "penny-industry", where every single cent needs to be scrutinized in order to turn a profit. And now, add a Coronavirus to the mix, and the recipe's even tougher to nail! Thanks to our champion, Community Futures Sunrise, you can catch Ron Robichaud's winning formula for creating bottom-line profit in your restaurant, either through implementing Best Practices (Part 1), suggestions to Hold the Line through Covid (Part 2), or considering any number of of the Quick Fire creations (Part 3).

Part 1 // Best Practices

Pandemic or not, there is a "Rule of Thumb" Ron suggests and walks us through Part 1 of Rural Resilience for Restauranteurs. Uncover many of the industry's best practices including the Rule of 30!

Part 2 // Hold the Line

Ron had so many golden nuggets, 30 minutes wasn't enough. In this follow up segment. Tune in to hear Ron's advice for restauranteurs, looking to hold the line through Covid.

Part 3 // Quick Fire Round

Things are heating up!! The Quick Fire Round provides the restauranteur with a number of ideas to generate top-line revenue in the business. BUT... don't forget to calculate your ROI on time to ensure the idea will pay off.

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About the Pro // Ron Robichaud

With career experiences that span over forty years, Ron Robichaud has worked in diverse industries: manufacturing operations, finance, small business management, community development, the service sector and was an elected official in municipal government for a few terms.

Ron began his career as a textile engineer where he gained expertise in work-flow processes in manufacturing. He and his wife later purchased and operated a retail business for 5 years, more than quadrupling its sales in the first year.

Ron has been an adjunct Professor both at Acadia University and Université Sainte-Anne where he taught classes in Small Business Management and Economics. His work in outreach community development departments in both universities led to world-wide recognition in community economic development. Ron also worked with a Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) providing business coaching and small business loans.

About the Champ // Community Futures Sunrise