Episode 17 // Four Methods to Master Change in Your Business

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Change is the only constant and it's an absolute guarantee in business.

As per Gartner, 75% of businesses expect to implement sweeping changes in the coming years. Of these, half the initiatives are projected to fail. These stats highlight how change management is a key contributor to a business’ overall success or failure.

Covid's the most recent example of how unforeseen changes can disrupt business. Joining Taunya in #TheGabLab is NTN Pro, Astrid DesLandes, Senior Organizational Management Consultant, who goes above and beyond to walk Founders through the basics and nuances of change and risk management.

Join us as we take you through concepts that will bring resilience to your business, and help to keep the doors open in the face of adversity.

Part 1 // Protection Against Disruption

Change management is often a grey area for Founders, even though they're in the thick of it every day!

Astrid tells us what change management is and why it’s important for all organizations to stay on top of. Astrid walks us through three types of change that can most affect an organization. Take note, when one type of change occurs, it can't help but impact the other two areas as well, explains Astrid.

Function versus purpose. Listen in as Astrid shares the intriguing differentiation between an organization’s function and its purpose. Now's the time to tune in to learn how to identify them—they’re critical for your business!

When one type of change occurs in your business, a ripple effect will be felt in two other key areas.

This and more mind-boggling revelations await you in Part 1 of this episode of #TheGabLab.

Part 2 // Risk Management and Resilience

Q: What could possibly go wrong?

A: A million-and-one things, if you're an entrepreneur.

In Part 2, Astrid explains the value of forethought and anticipation, and demarcates the fine line between risk management and building resilience—they’re not the same thing.

Thru strategic forethought, she shares with us four key factors that can help Founders become more resilient when facing off with global pandemics and the like.

Diversification is central to making your business resilient.

As Taunya loves to do, she ties risk management to the numbers. How does risk management show up on your financials? Astrid explains.

Finally, Astrid and Taunya talk about what separates risk management from change management. Sounds intriguing, right? Tune in to Part 2 of this episode and put your concerns to rest.

Part 3 // The Building Blocks of a Change Management Strategy

Astrid brings everything together in Part 3, as she outlines the fundamentals of a solid change management strategy. She uses the four factors discussed in Part 2 as the building blocks for formulating a robust plan of action.

Breaking from tradition, Astrid explains why businesses shouldn’t shy away from partnering with their competitors when the times are tough. In fact, she reveals how this could be helpful for Founders.

Astrid asks a key question: How can your business thrive in the face of adversity? Furthermore, how does a Founder reconcile agility with stability while maintaining function and purpose integrity?

Dizzy? It’s understandable. Astrid breaks it down, piece by piece.

By the time you’re through with Part 3, you’ll be able to formulate a change management strategy for your business. If you hit a speed bump, feel free to talk to Astrid—she has made a generous offer to dedicate an hour of her time to Gab Lab viewers who reach out to her.

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