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Senior Organizational Change Management Expert 

Astrid DesLandes is a senior Organizational Management professional who leads business transformations, integrating strategic planning, organizational change management, process redesign, and technology. She is a natural leader skilled at building, coaching and motivating highly diverse cross-industry, cross-function, multi-organization, global teams, and is equally at ease working with executives, as she is dealing with front-line employees.


Her twenty five plus years of experience spans a number of roles from Organizational Change and Organizational Development through Project Management. Her industry experience includes manufacturing, energy, government, education, agriculture, hospitality, and IT. As an added advantage for her clients, Astrid studies and uses the science of Biomimicry in her consulting practice. Using nature’s principles, she helps her clients build resilience through the practice of:

  • Diversity

  • Redundancy

  • Decentralization

  • Self-renewal, and

  • Self-repair


Astrid enjoys collaborating with her global community of Biomimicry colleagues, exchanging ideas, working together on projects and expanding the awareness and influence of the science.

Feeling fortunate to have had a life and career she enjoys, Astrid likes to give back by fulfilling the role of coach and mentor to individuals around the world. And as you’ll notice, valuing authenticity, she’s decided to no longer use “professional looking” photos of herself. She says: “Life is short, be grateful and create joyous moments.”


  • Episode 17 // Four Methods to Master Change in Your Business


  • Organizational Change 

  • Organizational Development 

  • Project Management 

  • Biomimicry


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