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The Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) program is a new, temporary program that provides Founders with the financial support to train employees as the province emerges from the pandemic and economic recovery. This program supports eligible Saskatchewan employers to access financial supports for employer-driven, short term training programs for their employees.

We'll help you get fully funded!


  • Financial supports can ensure employers have access to training that supports their business recovery efforts and assists them in meeting the challenges brought on by COVID-19;

  • Employers select the employee(s) and the training program;

  • 100% reimbursement is provided to eligible employers for approved training costs; and

  • Payment is made to approved employers that enter into a training agreement with the government upon completion of final reporting, including verification of actual expenditures.

Employers can make multiple applications to a maximum of $5,000 for the duration of the program. The minimum amount per application is $1,000 per training program. Employers may work with training providers to combine courses into customized programs that meet their training needs.



Private and not-for-profit sector employers are eligible.

Publicly funded organizations such as health regions, post-secondary training institutions, public libraries, municipalities and school divisions are not eligible for funding.



Eligible trainees are required to:

  • have a valid Social Insurance Number;

  • be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident of Canada, or temporary resident with authorization for emergency travel from the Government of Canada holding a valid Canadian work permit; and,

  • be an existing employee of the applying employer (that is currently on the payroll of the company).

Temporary foreign workers, temporary residents without authorization for emergency travel and a valid Canadian work permit, and volunteers are not eligible for training funding.

Saskatchewan-based owners of small businesses (with 1-50 employees) may also participate in funded training with their employees.

Training Costs

  • Tuition fees or fees charged by the training provider;

  • Mandatory student fees;

  • Textbooks, software and other required materials;

  • Learning material fees; and

  • Examination fees.



Interested employers will be required to complete an online Employer Application. The application requires attachments and supporting documents from the business. Before starting an application review the Before You Apply Checklist.

Ensure you have the following documentation completed and available to upload before starting the application:

  • The ISC Corporate Registry number for the business;

  • Direct Deposit Payment Request Form for the business;

  • Selected trainee name(s). If training more than 10 participants, complete the Application Trainees list;

  • The training provider and program has been chosen, including dates of training and costs; and

  • For customized training, the Training Course Outline has been completed by the training provider.


Applications submitted less than 10 business days prior to the start date of training may not be approved.


Only fully completed applications will be accepted for assessment. Applications will be accepted, assessed and approved based on available funding.

A completed application is not a guarantee of funding. Training requests must be approved and a contract negotiated between the employer and the Government of Saskatchewan prior to the start date of training to be eligible for program funding.


Attention: Save the documents to your computer before completing each file.

Ministry of Immigration and Career Training staff will contact you within two business days to confirm receipt of the application and begin application assessment.

If approved for funding, a contract will be negotiated for the funded training. Any changes to the contracted training must be reported to the ministry as soon as possible. Payment is made at the end of training, upon completion of all final reporting.

For additional information  email Nail The Numbers at 

helpdesk@nailthenumbers or call 1.844.844.3660

or reach out to the Re-Skills team at

Saskatoon and Area, call: 306-964-1005
Regina and Area, call: 306-787-4677

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