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Four Ways to Wrap Up 2022

Half-baked projects never lead to the satisfying, delightful results you deserve. To be a fierce Founder is to be detail-driven, outcome-focused, and all about the magnificent power of the follow-through.

Grab your copy of the Wrap-It-Up Checklist and give your follow-through powers a boost with these four valuable steps.

Get Clear.

Sometimes, the details can be daunting. The remedy? Get crystal clear on your endgame and stay fiercely focused on your purpose and passion. With your biggest ‘why’ as your unwavering guide, you’ll conquer even the dreariest to-do items with authority.


Decide that, no matter what, the task absolutely must get done. No lingering, no loitering. And, most importantly, no excuses. Challenge yourself to pick one to-do item, then follow it through to the very end. Be thorough, be persistent, and be present. Remember that small steps are what’ll get you to the finish line, not one giant leap. Build trust in your ability to honour your commitments.

Complete it.

Put your phone on mute. Put your head down. Dedicate your full attention and dive right in. It’s all just a matter of doing what it takes. Get it done, wrap it up, check it off, and — finally — call it done.


It’s the way of the fierce Founder to stop and savour the sweet, sweet smell of victory. It’s important to give yourself the credit you deserve. Appreciate your abilities and admire your accomplishments. This precious practice is what refuels our tanks, restores our energy, and renews our capacity to power into 2023.

Here's to wrapping up 2023, with a big, bold, beautiful bow!

Wrap-It-Up Checklist

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