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Episode 30 // Five I's to Measuring Your Value

Value, we all strive to deliver it, but first, we need to find it. Today's guest, Stefanie Ricchio, CPA and finder of value in people and businesses, takes us through her 5-I’s™ Framework for value creation. Determining what it takes to create success, all comes down to asking 5 questions of yourself and your team.

Episode Timeline //

[00:00] Introduction.

[02:24] Day 5 of Wake Up Call Challenge.

[03:08] Modern accounting for businesses.

[05:33] "Beyond the Numbers", seeing value and defining success.

[07:15] 5 I's to Measuring Your Value.

[10:02] What is your impact?

[12:15] 3 Pillars of Business.

[13:15] Creating value in business.

[16:21] Customer retention for business growth.

[18:34] Influence.

[20:38] Information.

[23:58] Hiding from numbers.

[26.32] Interconnectivity.

[29:22] Integration.

[30:37] Performance scorecard.

[33:15] Outro

The Bottom Line //

You deserve to be compensated commensurate with the value you bring to the business. Measure that value objectively and take pride in the paycheck you bring home.

About the Pro // Stefanie Ricchio, Stefanie Ricchio Business Consulting Inc.

Stefanie Ricchio, CPA, is the Founder & CEO of Stefanie Ricchio Business Consulting Inc., a consulting firm with a specific mandate to teach businesses, founders, and associates how to find and create value through the application of Stefanie’s 5-I’s™ Methodology for success.

Specializing in 3 core areas: Accounting, Technology and Learning & Development. Not only is Stefanie a 25-year veteran in Accounting but has also spent a decade in Technology – specifically software implementation and automation, as well as in Higher Education with an emphasis on learning the skills required to be successful in today’s modern business world.

Stefanie not only works with some of the largest software companies on the market but more importantly has developed philanthropic initiatives like The Climb Fund to give back to the community through various initiatives such as University Awards and direct charity funding.

Leadership with purpose is what you get with Stefanie and someone who has worked through the ranks to find great success and now wants to give that back.

Connect //

GAB LAB HOST // Taunya Woods Richardson // 1.844.844.3660

NTN PRO // Stefanie Ricchio, Chartered Professional Accountant,

Have an idea for a Gab Lab episode or know of a #FinanicallyFierceFounder?

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