Episode 27 // Financially Fierce Founders: The Newman Brothers

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Manitoba

Long overdue but oh so worth it! We're excited to bring you this fun and insight-packed episode with Jason and Harley Newman. November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada #FLM2021 and our Crew has been working around the clock. It's not an excuse, we just wanted you to know we've been hard at work and haven't forgotten about you. Thank you for your patience and understanding :) Now on to forging your financial ferocity.

Every industry has been impacted by Covid. Trucking and transportation are no exception. But imagine being forced to operate a business through a global pandemic while navigating the speedbumps and oil slicks of the oil patch?

Looking to build your grit, determination, and resilience? #FinanciallyFierceFounders. Jason and Harley Newman (The Newman Bros.) pave the path. Whether battling a shop fire, making a stand on improved safety standards, or facing down escalating labour and leasehold expenses, these brothers will teach you how to lean in, learn from, and leverage the lessons of the entrepreneurial journey.

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Episode Timeline //

[00:00] Introduction.

[01:40] Their journey of building their business.

[03:59] Working on the business, analyzing it, and making sound decisions.

[08:06] Their individual roles within the business.

[09:01] Importance of budgeting, knowing your numbers, and building company culture.

[16:40] Dealing with stress in business.

[19:20] Numbers becoming intuitive.

[21:43] Leadership at the time of crisis.

[25:21] Four tips to help you to get through a crisis in business.

[27:23] When are layoffs necessary?

[30:33] How to hire the right fit for your company.

[34:53] Strategy to buy new equipment.

[41:26] Seeking advice from different experts.

[44:45] We all struggle one way or another.

[47:05] Striking gold.

Founder’s Take //

Finding the right path

Working on the business isn't about getting stuck in the day-to-day tasks. Rather, it’s about seeing the forest through the trees, finding the most efficient route through, and helping your team navigate that route. The Newman Bros. take us through their process of constantly assessing where they're at, where they need to be, and then, making their next move based on analysis and forethought.

Being proactive vs. reactive

Knowing their numbers is what guides Harley and Jason through [almost] every decision in business. The numbers help you see to see where you're headed - whether you're losing or gaining- and then allow you to budget accordingly and stay on track.

Stop sacrificing success for the sake of staff

Founders, don't sacrifice the business for the sake of keeping employees content. Jason and Harley share with us how to hire the right people, for the right job, at the right rate, and then prepare to hold them, and yourself, accountable to deliver on expectations.

Build an advisory board

Every Founder should have a group of advisors to help guide and hold them accountable. Tune in to hear how the Newman Bros built their board and when and how they turn to them for alternative perspectives, insight, and input. Powerful progress is made when you surround yourself with experts willing to work through the numbers and solve specific problems.

Mic Drop Moments //

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