Episode 20 // Two Welcomed Ways Covid Changed How We Do Business

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Sunrise

Did COVID catch you off guard? You’re not alone. As millions of business owners were thrown into a tail-spin, many also chose to see COVID as a catalyst for necessary change.

Whether change is expected or not, planning for it smooths the transition. Today, we’re joined by NTN Pro, Yvonne Thevenot, Senior Advisor, Osborne Interim Management and Apaylo Finance, who shows us how to build a solid change management framework.

If you’re looking to learn from COVID, join us in #TheGabLab as Yvonne takes us through the basics of building a change management strategy and best practices we can implement for lasting and impactful change.

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Part 1 // The Costs and Consequences of Change

Ah, the irony. As Founders, we’re in the midst of change daily. Yet, so few of us consider the possibility of building a mechanism to better manage it.

Instead of constantly reacting to fires, Founders can build resilience to change by taking a proactive approach.

The only constant in life [and business] is change.