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Episode 22 // Top Ten Tips To Warming Up Cold Calls and Closing Sales

Championed by our friends at Community Futures Sunrise

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to business-to-business (B2B) growth . In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently shared that 53% of sales professionals give up too easily when cold calling and 48% are afraid to even pick up the phone and make the call! What!? And these are the professionals we're talking about!

If your business depends on B2B sales being closed, you can’t afford to miss this episode. Regardless of whether you have a sales team, or if it’s on you (as the Founder) to make the dreaded cold call — the call has to be made.

In this episode of #TheGabLab, NTN Pro, Alice Wheaton, Topline Turnaround Expert, takes us through the steps required to not only make the call but to land the sale — from confronting the initial fear to following through on the other end.

Alice shares decades of fist-hand experience on exactly what it takes to become a top-tier salesperson who consistently generates top-line results. You’ll come to learn quickly, Alice doesn’t hold back and she certainly doesn’t mince words. She’s dishing out exactly what we need to hear, even if we may not want to hear it.

We created this episode for the +80% of Founders out there who are holding back. Tune in, listen up and then make the call.

Never miss an episode!

Part 1 // Planning + Preparation

So where to start? Firstly, Alice calls us out on our fear of discomfort. She helps us to better understand where fear comes from and how to talk it down when it rears its self-sabotaging voice.

Are you an A, B or C level salesperson? From aggressive to agreeable, if you’re into building relationships, guess what? Sales may not be for you! Contrary to what many of us see as a strength, Alice walks us through why she believes building relationships detracts from your top-line, and instead, how a subtle shift in mindset will help you build it.

Before you pick up the phone and start dialing digits though, listen in to Part 1 as Alice walks us through five key points of preparation so that we can find the courage to make the call, and do so with competence!

Know your numbers, map out your plan.

Part 2 // The Process + Pipeline

3. 2.1.... it’s GO time. For the Founders out there looking for a script on how to ace the dreaded cold call, look no further.

From “Hi my name is Alice,” to “What I’d like is an hour of your time,” Alice takes us from the first words out of her mouth to the final ask, and everything in between.

Seriously, be prepared to have your mind blown. Not one to shy away from debate, Alice challenges many of the typical protocols we’ve been taught to believe when it comes to making the sales call. From whom to speak with, to how to get them on the phone, and even what to say in a voice mail message—you’ll appreciate, if not applaud, Alice’s refreshing approach.

“Don’t chase confidence, seek competence.”

Perfection is NOT what you’re after when making a cold call. Humility, authenticity and humour is where it’s at — and Alice will show you exactly how to deliver it, in spades. The Close. Alice teaches us how to reward courageous effort with results. You’ve gone the distance, now you need to make the sale. Alice delivers pure gold when it comes to learning how to lean in, make the ask, and close the deal. For those of you banking on a proposal to seal the deal, lean in for Part 2 to learn how “clarifying the proposal protocol” will get prospects off the fence and in the books.

Discover which questions will best serve you and your prospect.

Part 3 // Follow Thru + Follow Up

Lastly, when is the job done? If you’re thinking it’s when the sale's made — think again. Alice does a brilliant job, here in Part 3, of:

  • helping to clarifying the various types of clients we have

  • the touchpoints and frequency each client should receive

  • and which team member is responsible for initiating contact and following through with the client

Brief, to-the-point, and powerful. It's on you to go the distance and take in the final segment as Alice teaches us how to turn our B2B clients into top-tier raving fans!

// Mic Drops

BOOM! We promised you intel to blow your mind and build your bottom line. Here’s our fav mic-drop moments from today’s episode.

Drop us a comment below and let us know what landed with you!

  1. Calling your prospects, as opposed to emailing them, builds your credibility.

  2. Analysis paralysis. Some industry intel — a scan of their website, and a google search of your prospect is all the information you need to make the call. Anything more may overload you and stall your efforts.

  3. Speak with the person who can make the decision. Calling on influencers will likely cost you time and money.

  4. Get over yourself. It’s not about you “making the sale” it about you “solving a problem".

  5. “A-level” salespeople don’t see criticism as failure, but rather, an opportunity to get it right for the client.

  6. You’re not going to deliver any value in a 10-15 minute phone call. Own your power and your process. Ask for an hour of their time with the promise of delivering value during your call.

  7. Don’t show up to throw up. Make your first call short sweet and to the point. Who you are, how you know them, and why you’re calling! Anything longer signals fear and discomfort.

  8. Asking questions not relevant to the transaction (i.e., How are you today? Are you enjoying the weather?) signal discomfort rather than strength.

  9. Lighten up. Have some fun. Inject some humor into your conversation. Your prospect can hear your smile and puts them at ease.

  10. "I hope a salesperson reaches out and calls me today," said no CEO. EVER! Leaders aren’t waiting for your call. In fact, they go out of their way to avoid it. Make it worth their while. Show them you understand their pain, and know how to solve their problems.

// Download the free tools and templates—compliments of our Champ!

About the Pro // Alice Wheaton

Topline Turnaround Expert

Author of How the Top Ten Do it

As one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts in North America, Alice Wheaton has been helping leaders create highly successful sales forces for over two decades. But that’s not what she set out to be.

Growing up in a small, rural fishing village in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice the resourcefulness and determination that are hallmarks of those driven to succeed. Her composure in crisis situations, a love of challenge, and a strong desire to practically support others led to her first career as an emergency room nurse. It was there that she met a patient who suggested that she apply to Xerox to begin a career in sales.

At the time, Alice had barely heard of Xerox. She had no corporate experience, had never sold a product or service, and had never worked with technology or office equipment. She wasted no time taking steps that led to her being hired in Toronto at Xerox, despite her lack of sales experience or business expertise. Her ability to see on behalf herself astounded her future sales manager, and the rest as they say, was history!

Want to master your sales skills? Check out Alice's newest book, How the Top 10% Do It

About the Champ // Community Futures Sunrise

Community Futures (CF) Sunrise provides loans, advice and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in southeast Saskatchewan. With a mission to support the development of business in the region, CF Sunrise strives to offer innovative and customized financing and training options that

encourage business growth.

The board and staff are committed to helping entrepreneurs access the capital and training needed to create and grow successful businesses. Get in touch with CF Sunrise today. They’re here to help!

CF Sunrise is part of a network of 267 Community Futures offices across Canada. They have a rich history of helping businesses succeed. Community Futures - a Canadian Success Story

Connect //

PRO // Alice Wheaton ProFile // CHAMP // Community Futures Sunrise

HOST // Taunya Woods Richardson // 1.844.944.3660

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