Episode 22 // Top Ten Tips To Warming Up Cold Calls and Closing Sales

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Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to business-to-business (B2B) growth . In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently shared that 53% of sales professionals give up too easily when cold calling and 48% are afraid to even pick up the phone and make the call! What!? And these are the professionals we're talking about!

If your business depends on B2B sales being closed, you can’t afford to miss this episode. Regardless of whether you have a sales team, or if it’s on you (as the Founder) to make the dreaded cold call — the call has to be made.

In this episode of #TheGabLab, NTN Pro, Alice Wheaton, Topline Turnaround Expert, takes us through the steps required to not only make the call but to land the sale — from confronting the initial fear to following through on the other end.

Alice shares decades of fist-hand experience on exactly what it takes to become a top-tier salesperson who consistently generates top-line results. You’ll come to learn quickly, Alice doesn’t hold back and she certainly doesn’t mince words. She’s dishing out exactly what we need to hear, even if we may not want to hear it.

We created this episode for the +80% of Founders out there who are holding back. Tune in, listen up and then make the call.

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Part 1 // Planning + Preparation

So where to start? Firstly, Alice calls us out on our fear of discomfort. She helps us to better understand where fear comes from and how to talk it down when it rears its self-sabotaging voice.