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Everything we do from the bootcamps we lead to the episodes we produce, we do for you, the Founders. You’re North America's toughest, bravest, and, boldest out there. You’re our secret weapon to economic recovery, and you’re 31.7 million strong.


We remove the shame, guilt and trepidation to bring you the bolts of brilliance — the 'Eureka, I-get-it!' lightbulb moments.


Whether you’re small and mighty or global and growing, Nail The Numbers equips you to build a financially viable venture — one that benefits you, your team, your community, and your country. No pressure, we're right there with you. ​


Who, What + Why

Who We Are //

Like you, we're Founders. We’ve been there, screwed up, failed and then succeeded. We've taken ownership of our numbers, and we’re here to inspire you to do the same. Assembling the country’s leading financial experts, Nail The Numbers empowers you to succeed.

We're the fiercest financial training agency for North American Founders.

What We Do //

We embolden you to take ownership of your finances. The strength of your business is measured by the strength of your numbers, and we’ve got the tools to push you to the next level. Get insights you never knew you needed from The Gab Lab, then learn how to apply those learnings in The Academy.

We’re forging financial ferocity and fortitude into the mindsets of Founders.

Why We Do It // 

You have too much on the line not to succeed. But you’ve been turning to bookkeepers and accountants to make the tough calls. It's on you, as the  Founder, to drive the decisions — you're the one paying the price after all. Covid didn't cause your financial vulnerability, it only exposed it. 


Now is the time to dig in, drill down and for once and for all, nail the numbers. 


How We Get It Done

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