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Attention all business owners grappling with financial chaos! Are you overwhelmed by disorganized books, puzzled about your cash flow, and buried under overdue filings? Fear not! We're here to rescue you and help you regain control of your finances.

Our 5-Point Book Cleaning Diagnostic offers a comprehensive review of your financial records, focusing solely on the identification and recommendation of areas needing attention. Our Agents provide expert insights and actionable recommendations to help you achieve financial clarity and ensure the integrity of your books.

Book Cleaning Service

Excluding GST/HST

    • Financial Reporting: A review of prior year adjustments, closing trial balance, and balance sheet for accuracy, providing recommendations for corrective action.


    • Reconciling: Evaluation of reconciliation of all accounts, providing recommendations for correcting discrepancies and ensuring accuracy in financial records.
    • Chart of Accounts: Assessment of alignment with best practices and accuracy in recording revenue streams and payment processing fees, offering recommendations for improvements.​
    • Payroll: Review of payroll processes, including source deductions reconciliation, shareholder loans and tax compliance, and provide recommendations for accuracy and regulatory adherence.​
    • Tax Compliance: Assessment of sales tax reconciliation and compliance, providing recommendations for timely filings and correct setup of tax-related accounts.
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