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Calling all Financially Fierce Founders! Sync your Formula with your bookkeeping software* and seize control of your business's financial performance.

Our Book Calibration service fine-tunes your chart of accounts and uploads your financial plan so you can pull reports and monitor your progress with unwavering confidence.


we recognize that financial success is a collaborative endeavour. That's why our Book Calibration service entails close collaboration with your bookkeeper and/or accountant. 

Book Calibration Service

Excluding GST/HST

    • Deliverable #1: Chart of Accounts calibrated to your Financially Fierce Formula for precise tracking of income generation and allocation.

    • Deliverable #2: 12-Month Forecast integrated into your bookkeeping software for real-time progress tracking against your plan.

    • Deliverable #3: Review of software functionality to enable report generation and progress measurement.

    • Deliverable #4: Compilation of recommendations for discussion with your bookkeeper and/or accountant to optimize your financial performance.

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