Is your mindset sabotaging your bottom line?

NTN Founder, Taunya Woods Richardson, drops in on The Finance Cafe to share her take on the topic.

Do we have a treat for you! Shannon Pestun, co-host of the Finance Cafe Podcast, sits down with our Founder, Taunya Woods Richardson, to get her take on how our perception of money impacts

how we build, scale and secure our business.

Taunya, as you know, is a fierce advocate for the financial empowerment of Founders. However, you may not know her mission extends beyond that of simply teaching and instilling sound money management skills. It includes having Founders becoming aware of the entrenched beliefs that dictate the decisions they make with money.

To hear more about the ways we sabotage our own success and why we need to change the money conversation happening in our head, check out Taunya's guest appearance on The Finance Cafe Podcast.