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Nail the Numbers Pros are North America's best and brightest financial minds, experts on a mission to help our country’s startups nail their numbers. Each of us possess not only a specific area of financial expertise, but we’re all entrepreneurs ourselves, former startups who have the unique ability to connect with a room full of eager founders who are ready to make their mark and change the world.


Not everyone fits the Pro mold. It takes a special type of person to be able to deliver financial education to startups and make it resonate. We speak with our audience, not at them, to exchange information using a proven format that engages, invites, and encourages the audience to connect with and relate to the content. Successful Pros possess:

  • Specific expertise in (at least) one key area of entrepreneurial finance

  • Passion and enthusiasm for supporting and nurturing the startup community partnered with a philanthropic intent

  • First-hand entrepreneurial experience (the good, bad, ugly) and the willingness to be transparent about it

  • A strong local or national profile as a financial (literacy) ambassador


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