A Fresh Take on Finances

What does it take to become focused, fearless and financially fierce?

Money, it's a topic cloaked in copious shame and secrecy, or conversely, ego and pretense, it can be hard to know for sure. But thanks to the willingness of our #FinanicallyFierceFoudners, you'll get an extremely candid, first-hand account as to what it took for them to face their financial challenges head-on and forge their own propriety blend of fortitude and ferocity.

Hosted by NTN Founder and CEO, Taunya Woods Richardson, whose 2009 insolvency was the catalyst behind Nail the Numbers, you're in for a refreshingly #Real #Raw and #Relevant approach to entrepreneurship and finance.

#FinanciallyFierceFounders Series drops next week! Don't miss a beat! Subscribe today.

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