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Dropping next week // Financially Fierce Founders, The Newman Bros.

"Vision, execution, culture, and numbers. It's our formula for success." Jason and Harley Newman

Every industry has been impacted by Covid. Trucking and transportation are no exception. But imagine building a business through a global pandemic while navigating the boom and bust—the speed bumps and oil slicks—of the oil patch.

Looking to amp up your grit, determination, and resilience? #FinanciallyFierceFounders, Harley, and Jason Newman, from T Bar 1 Transport, pave the path. Whether battling a shop fire, facing down an escalating labour shortage, or preparing to payoff Covid relief funds, these guys show us how to lean into, learn from, and leverage the lessons of the entrepreneurial journey.

Stay safe. Stay Strong. Stay Financially Fierce, Founders!

See you next week in The Gab Lab!

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You've got a 15-month runway to get your Covid relief funds paid back.

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