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Introducing The Financially Fierce Formula, the ultimate 12-week financial training program designed exclusively for Founders eager to master the art of constructing a robust and bold budget—backwards and bottom up!


Whether you're launching a startup or propelling an existing venture to unprecedented heights, our meticulously crafted, step-by-step training equips you with the techniques, tools, and support necessary to expedite your growth and achieve your goals. Say goodbye to years of costly mistakes and stress.


Having empowered 11,000+ business owners spanning 75+ industries and 275+ communities, we specialize in guiding entrepreneurs towards building budgets they can confidently rely on. The tangible outcomes? A three-year financial strategy propelling you from your current position to your desired destination, all while ensuring you set the right prices, collect a healthy paycheck, and fortify your bottom line.

The Financially Fierce Formula: 12 Week Challenge

Excluding GST/HST

    Kick Off: Monday, Sept 9, 2024, 10:15 am PT / 1:15 pm ET

    Weekly Drill Reviews: Monday’s 10:15 am PT / 1:15 pm ET

    Wrap-Up: Monday, Nov 25, 2024, 10:15 am PT / 1:15 pm ET



    • Zoom will allow you to add the schedule to your calendar.
    • Calls are 45 minutes each.
    • Set aside an additional 30 to 60 minutes to drill down on the daily assignment.
    • Replays will be made available.
    • Taunya will open the meeting room 15 minutes early to answer any questions.
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