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Principal, Jill Sauter Marketing + Communications  

Jill helps companies increase their sales, meet their targets and build sustainable growth by integrating practical, effective marketing strategies into their business operations.


Jill’s unique combination of experience and knowledge in sales, marketing and business development gives her a different perspective on generating business growth. Jill has in-depth experience in marketing – from teaching to consulting, from planning to execution. With training and experience in sales, Jill understands how sales and marketing can work together to help a business grow. Jill also knows how marketing fits into the overall operation of a business to ensure growth is sustainable and strategic.


Extensive Experience in Marketing, Communications and Sales

A career in sales, marketing and communications has provided Jill with in-depth understanding of the marketing challenges of multinational companies, small businesses and public institutions, alike.  She has worked in commercial, industrial and consumer markets.  Jill has experience in all aspects of strategic marketing from research & forecasting to planning & execution.


  • Episode 19 // Marketing, Strategy + Execution


  • Business Development 

  • Marketing Strategy 

  • B2B Marketing 

  • B2C Marketing 


  • Marketing Math 

  • Marketing ROI

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