Campaign Assistant 

You’re the superhero without the cape. You're Pepper Pots to Tony Stark. You're Robin to Batman. 

You're the real hero, the unsung maker of order who creates calm from chaos. You're the lifeline to everyone in our organization. You're all-knowing and the glue that binds our team. 

Reporting to the Campaign Manager, you may not have people reporting directly to you, but that doesn’t stop you from commanding an army.

You’re hyper-organized, detail-oriented and laser-focused, while still being the most compassionate communicator around.  You seamlessly move between testing technology and catching typos, to putting your whole heart into responding to our member's needs.

You deeply care about people, their relationship with money, and their experience with our company.  

We are looking for a Campaign Assistant who stands above the rest. A superhero with a passion for helping others, you possess strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think on your feet while working in a fast-paced environment. You have excellent communication and relationship building powers. And you love  processes, systems and organization as much as you love adding a personal touch to everything you do.

As the Campaign Assistant, you're a major force in our company and demonstrate patience, empathy and adaptability. You are dependable and autonomous.

If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship, love to serve, and extend rave-worthy customer service, this position is for you!



As the Campaign Assistant, working from home 95% of the time, you'll be executing tasks related to customer service, technical support, campaign support, and general administration to help the business run smoothly and efficiently. Your role helps to ensure the business stays organized and optimized to keep us running at the top of our game. 


A day in the life//

  • You're the organization's principle scheduler, timekeeper, planner and coordinator. 

  • You're  be the point of contact for internal & external requests as well as being responsible for organizing 'travel' itineraries, coordinating meetings, and preparing briefing notes and minutes. 

  • You maintain and monitor company billing including following up on late payments, processing refunds, managing course enrollments, and paying out affiliates.

  • You open, distribute and follow-up on standard incoming mail.

  • You're quick to address members' needs, troubleshooting issues, and following through until the task is complete.

  • Composes and prepares documents for signature. Coordinates the preparation of corporate documents, as requested.

  • You're a master tracker of important company metrics, and prepare reports as needed.

  • You keep our database up-to-date.

  • You're the keeper of the SOP Manual, working alongside the Campaign Manager in keeping them up-to-date as our systems and strategies change.

  • You possess a keen-eye for subtlest of flaws, as you review and edit visual and written content. 

  • You participate in and support the sales promotion process.

  • You gather member feedback, share with our team,  and organize member testimonials.

Every assistant known to humankind understands the bullets outlined above. It’s the gig. You perform each of these actions not only admirably, but without hesitation.

We left one bullet out. It’s the final one found in the job description:

  • Undertakes special assignments and projects as needed.

This is where you shine, where you exhibit your cheetah-like skills. This is precisely where you become one of the single most important people in the organization. It's your speed and accuracy, as well as you nimbleness and steadfastness: no easy feat for mere mortals.  You're the superhero without the cape.


Job Requirements//

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Highly detailed and organized, with exceptional problem-solving abilities

  • Ability to communicate in a way that accurately and positively reflects the brand and our mission

  • Retain a high-level of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to company and client information.

  • Takes direction well and is a team player

  • Independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time, every time. 

  • Tech savvy. Comfortable with tech software and willingness to adapt and learn new software quickly

  • Loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast-paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly

  • Has previous administrative and customer service experience


Ideally, you are based in Canada - but we will consider remote applicants for the perfect fit! 


How to apply//

Interested in joining our Cast of Crusaders, take a moment to complete the Application Form. Attach your cover letter and resume with compensation requirements. Just call it like it is and tell us what you need to make, it will save us all time.  

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Campaign Assistant 

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