Our 3-hour Bootcamps are the perfect way to learn all you need to know about founder finance. We help you understand your numbers and how to use them to your advantage.


You'll come away from each and every Bootcamp feeling confident and prepared to take on any financial challenge that comes your way.


And, of course, you'll have a lot of fun too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start learning how to rock your finances like a boss.

A Few of Our Founders' Favs

Startup Stage

  • The Fundamentals of Personal Finance 

  • The Fundamentals of Founder Finance

  • Nailing Startup Costs

  • Accessing Startup Capital 

  • Keeping Score with Your Credit 

  • Creating a Cashflow Canvas 

  • Prefecting the Pitch 

In-It Stage

  • Interpreting Finanical Statements 

  • Leveraging the Upside of a Downturn

  • Pivoting for Profit 

  • Weathering the Storm

  • Calculating Key Ratios 

  • Collecting Overdue Cashflow

  • Making Time for Taxes 

  • Taking SR+ED to the Bank 

  • Mapping a Measurable Marketing Strategy 

  • Marketing Math

  • Setting up Performance-based Salaries, Pensions Plans and Benefits 

Exit Stage

  • Preparing Your Business for Sale

  • Calcualting the Value of Your Business

  • Understanding Trusts and Tax Implications

  • Building a Successful Succession Strategy