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Hey Founder,

I won't beat around the bush. There are three critical numbers, you, the business owner, need to know before you invest another minute into building your business. These numbers, if you've been feeling a bit lacklustre lately, will likely kick you into high gear.


  • The rate of return you've been making on your business investment

  • Your retirement needs shortfall.

  • The true monthly compensation you require.

According to SCORE's research, a whopping 82% of business owners shut their doors because they're clueless about their numbers – not just the ones above, but the basics like sales, COGS, profitability, liquidity, and net value, among others.

However, in my seasoned opinion, there's a bigger fish to fry. With over three decades of experience in founder finance, I've identified a common thread driving failure rates across Canada – it's what I call the GAP.


I firmly believe that Founders stumble for one, if not all of these reasons:

  • They lack a financial GOAL for their business.

  • They lack emotional ALIGNMENT with the goal.

  • They're missing a financial PLAN to achieve the goal.

Making money is fundamental in business. It's not the sole goal, but without bottom-line profit, there's no business. So, how do you bridge the GAP?

You start by setting your financial end-game. Understand your current and future financial standing, including the three eye-openers above. These three numbers, once unveiled, are the keys to financial success in life and business.

If you're ready to seize control of your financial future, The Wake Up Call: 5 Day Challenge awaits. It's tailor-made for entrepreneurs dead-set on elevating their lives and bottom lines.

With five days of live coaching and lifelong access to on-demand tutorials, you'll whip your financial life into shape while staying accountable every step of the way.

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Get a grasp on your personal budget in just five days.



  • How much the business needs to pay you monthly,

  • Your retirement needs, detailing how the business can finance those requirements, and;

  • The current return you've been making on your business investment.



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