Sometimes not knowing what you don't know is half the battle when it comes to nailing your numbers. Our Pros generously share their high-level insights with you by prodiving you with access to their FREE online Playbooks. Whether you’re looking to build a crowdfunding campaign, create a pitch deck or calculate your start-up costs, the Playbooks will take you through, play-by-play, the topics and the game plans you need to know to nail your numbers.

THE PLAYBOOK // Creating a Kick-Ass Rewards Based Crowdfunding Campaign

Pros: Taunya Woods Richardson + Suzanne Paschall

As crowdfunding gains popularity as a means for startup financing, a growing number of entrepreneurs are clamouring for...

THE PLAYBOOK // Sketching Out Your Startup Costs + Cashflow

Pro: Taunya Woods Richardson

You're no doubt looking for money and turning to resources to help you with your startup costs and cashflow projections. But if... 

THE PLAYBOOK // Keeping Score with Your Credit

Pro: Taunya Woods Richardson

Have a SIN? Then you have a bureau, or two, keeping tabs on how responsible you are with money. Your credit report and...

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