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Everything we do from the bootcamps we lead, to the episodes we produce, we do for you; the hard working, often overlooked Owners, Presidents, CEO's. You are North America's toughest, bravest, and, boldest out there. You are the secret weapon to economic recovery, and you are 31.7 million strong.


With our proven training system we have helped over 10,000 Ordinary Owners to become Financially Fierce Founders


Lenders love us because we don't just provide you with the numbers you need, we teach you how to get them, understand them and reach for goals that you never thought possible before. 


Whether you run a small and mighty company or operate a global growing giant, the Nail The Numbers training system equips you to build a financially viable venture — one that benefits you, your team, your community, and your country.


You're not alone, you have a whole team of Pros cheering you along the way - that's why we have such a high success rate, with over 91%!!

We do things a little differently... 

 Financial intel to blow your mind and build your bottom line. 

Our Pro's and Fierce Founders share their wisdom and experience so you can start to SEE things in a new way.  



Our 90 minute eye-opener called the Wake-Up Call, is just that. 

We want you to see your numbers in a different way.


Let us show you how so you KNOW how. 


Once the initial numbers are done it doesn't mean that we are. Now that you SEE your numbers differently and KNOW your numbers in a different way, we help you DO exactly that with a 10 week training program and support for an entire year. 

Who, What + Why

Who We Are //

Like you, we're Founders. We’ve been there, screwed up, failed and then succeeded. We've taken ownership of our numbers, and we’re here to inspire you to do the same. Assembling the country’s leading financial experts, Nail The Numbers empowers you to succeed.

We're the fiercest financial training agency for North American Founders.

What We Do //

We embolden you to take ownership of your finances. The strength of your business is measured by the strength of your numbers, and we’ve got the tools to push you to the next level. Get insights you never knew you needed from The Gab Lab, then learn how to apply those learnings in The Academy.

We’re forging financial ferocity and fortitude into the mindsets of Founders.

Why We Do It // 

You have too much on the line not to succeed. But you’ve been turning to bookkeepers and accountants to make the tough calls. It's on you, as the  Founder, to drive the decisions — you're the one paying the price after all. Covid didn't cause your financial vulnerability, it only exposed it. 


Now is the time to dig in, drill down and for once and for all, nail the numbers. 

How We Get It Done

Learn Your Numbers!

We don't just tell you where to look or how things 'should' look, we dig in and get dirty with you.  It's not always pretty, or easy, but we know that you are up for it and we are here to teach you and create financial success. 

Complete Financial Training 

The goal is to empower you, as the owner. These skills will transform you from an Ordinary Owner into a Fierce Financial Founder with clear goals, retirement plans and a wage that you can live on, for the rest of your life. 

Apply it ALL to Your Business  

We aren't using case studies when we teach, we are digging down into your own business.


All the work you do goes directly into growing and owning your success. 

Meet the Team

NTN Pro_Shannon Pestun.png


North America's brightest stars. Financial experts on a mission to impart the know-how and how-to of taking ownership of your numbers.



The organizations bold enough to heed the call, and fund the financial insights and intel to help you nail your numbers. 

NTN Crew Hashim.png


The team of creators, producers, writers, and strategic thinkers driving

Nail The Numbers.

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