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There’s money out there to start and grow your business , and lots of it is in Saskatchewan. Tapping into these money sources can be a completely different ball game. In fact, many business owners perceive the task to be one of their biggest challenges. Not you. After attending this Bootcamp you will be confident in knowing exactly where to look for capital.We will help you assess why you need it, and how to prepare yourself, your business and your partners for a capital raise; be it by way of debt, equity or grant.



Having a keen eye on your “cost of goods sold” (COGS) will make a big difference to both your taxable income and business profits. This Bootcamp aims to give you a clear understanding of your  cost of goods sold with the purpose of empowering you to make informed business decisions. One example of what will be addressed, is how to price your products profitably by taking into account factors other than the basic cost of time and materials.



Your credit report and the score you've earned is an important key to getting money to start and/or grow your business, whether you turn to banks, credit unions, angels, or non-profit organizations. Do you know what your score is saying about you? In this two-hour Bootcamp, not only will you learn how to get your score, but you’ll see first-hand what lenders learn about you and your money habits when they pull your score from credit bureau.



“I’m proud to pay my taxes,” the adage goes. “But I could be just a proud for half the amount.” Taxes are an inevitable part of business, but by attending this bootcamp,it will also be an empowering one. This bootcamp will help you gain a better understanding of the business issues and tax options that apply to your personal and corporate tax planning. Tax efficiency can be a powerful tool in expediting your financial goals.



While marketing can be the fun part of business, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking all you need is a website, business cards, and some advertising to sell your idea. Ultimately your marketing plan needs to backup your revenue projections. So let’s pull back the velvet curtain on what your marketing plan should really look like, and how much you should be budgeting for to make those sales happen. You will leave this bootcamp with confidence in having developed a marketing plan that is tailored to your business.



Chances are you’ve got the basics covered; leases, business set up, inventory, etc. But in calculating  your true startup costs, the devil is in the details; shipping, duties, consulting fees, permits, prototypes, recruitment, delays, working capital, taxes… you get the idea. Over-budget and under-capitalize is not an option. Startup on the right foot, and with enough money to keep you sleeping easy until your business can stand on its own.



Whether you're looking to pass the company on to a family member, employee, or sell to an outside buyer, there are a number of factors you’ll want to start considering at least five years before you make your move. This Bootcamp will give you confidence in your decision by reviewing the techniques used to arrive at a fair purchase price as well as preparing you for the common concerns associated with transitioning a business to new ownership.



Preparing a cashflow projection for your startup is one of those “to-do’s” that only YOU should do; not a bookkeeper or accountant. This Bootcamp will walk you through seven simple steps to building your businesses’ first year forecast, finding your break-even point, and determining your working capital needs. Preparing it in advance as a planning tool, will show you where and when potential challenges may arise and allow you time to find ways to prevent or minimize their impact.



In order to simplify managing your business finances, it is wise to set up your accounting systems in the correct way, right from the start. This session will provide you with an in-depth, step-by-step process to getting your QuickBooks account set up properly. It will also help steer you clear of common and costly mistakes owners can make when using this powerful accounting software for the first time. Whether it’s a chart-of-accounts, payroll, taxes, invoices or online payments and monthly bank reconciliations, this Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to confidently manage your company’s finances, no stress or guesswork required.



For many entrepreneurs, day-to-day tasks include notable levels of exploration and innovation. And while your creative spirit is an important and admirable quality, so is your financial prowess. It is likely that you’re doing work that qualifies for Scientific Research & Experimental Development(SR&ED)tax credits and the substantial cash savings it can produce. Word to the wise: better to grab this information prior to setting up payroll or incurring any major expenses, as SR&ED often has a number of caveats attached to the credits.  



Looking for equity investors? This Bootcamp will embolden you by giving you the knowledge, skills and tools you’ll need to successfully close the deal. Learn where to look for investors and how to pitch to them. Just as importantly, understand what you’re getting into with an equity raise; the pros and cons, legal requirements, proper preparation needed and finally, ongoing relationship management.



Are you obsessing with worry and fear about the potential impact the oil and gas downturn will have on your business? How you perceive and respond to this downturn will determine whether your business grows profitably or fights for survival. Downturns are simply "contractionary" periods, that force us to get more conscious about money and our spending, get rid of waste and conserve our resources where most needed. This Bootcamp will empower you to do just that and find ways to prosper from the opportunity.



The effective management of any business requires a flow of information to make informed, intelligent decisions affecting its success or failure. Investors need your financial statements to analyze the investment potential. Banks require them to decide whether or not to loan you money, and often suppliers may require them to determine if they’ll do business with you.  Financial statements are like an ECG measuring your company’s heartbeat and health. Do you know how to read the information, assess the situation and address any potential problems before others ask you the hard questions? Now you will. This Bootcamp will help you to finally make sense of your financials and determine what actions and management decisions to make based on what your statements are telling you.



You’ve survived a startup and gone on to build a successful business. Now, you may be wondering how and when to take your business to the next level. It is important to ensure that your expansion doesn’t come at the cost of the bottom-line you’ve worked so hard to build. In this Bootcamp you’ll learn how to analyze your numbers to determine what, when and how to expand your business without compromising your profit.  



You have a million dollar idea but do others agree? Understanding the “true” value of your startup is key to bringing on partners and/or investors, and determining how much their time and/or money is worth. This Bootcamps demystifies how to value a business that is not yet generating sales and empowers you to confidently pitch to potential partners and investors. By looking at a number of valuation models, you’ll learn how to objectively value your idea, expertise, traction and other important factors analyzed by investors and valuators.  

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