Nail the Numbers Pros are the world's best and brightest financial minds, experts on a mission to help Founder's nail their numbers. Each of us possess not only a specific area of financial expertise, but we’re all entrepreneurs ourselves, former startups whom have the unique ability to deliver and connect with a room full of eager and idealistic business owners who are ready to make their mark and change the world.


Collectively our current roster has:

  • 425+ years of entrepreneurial finance experience  

  • Engaged 8,500+ Founder's across Canada   

  • Led 600+ Financial Workshops or Bootcamps


But not everyone fits the mold

It takes a special type of person to be able to deliver financial education to Founders and have it resonate with them. Our objective is to speak with our audience not at them, to exchange information using a proven format which engages, invites and encourages the audience to connect with, and relate to, the content. Off the top, we know the right person possess:

  • Specific expertise in (at least) one key area of entrepreneurial finance

  • Passion and enthusiasm for supporting and nurturing the startup community partnered with a philanthropic intent

  • First-hand entrepreneurial experience (the good, bad and ugly) and the willingness to be transparent about it

  • A strong local or national profile as a financial (literacy) ambassador


What you can expect from us:

  • We promote you through our platforms including print and online mediums

  • We support and assist you in the styling and delivery of your material 

  • We book and administer your Bootcamps, you simply need to show up


Next Steps

Getting involved is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Complete the Pro Application

  2. We'll build your profile and showcase your expertise

  3. We’ll get you booked



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